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In the News & Events Archive you'll find information about past conferences, lectures, seminars and other significant events at the Institute. From 2010 onwards, also research and publication news are included.

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Events in 2006

13 December 2006 Guest Lecture
What does Romania contribute to the European Union

11 December 2006 Seminar
Energy Relations in Northeast Asia: Regional Dynamics and Lessons for Europe

1-2 December 2006 Conference at the Tampere University
Re-Calling the past – Collective and Individual Memory of World War II in Russia and

30 November Seminar
Russian Local Administration and Culture in Flux

20 November Guest Lecture
The Bureaucratic Anarchy - Networks of Friends and Colleagues, and the Stalinist Policy

17-18 November 2006 International Forum
Together for the future - Forum on civil society cooperation of European Union and Russia

16 November Seminar
Gendered Domains: Politics and Democracy in Russia Today

6 November Seminar
Georgia Today: Wine, Energy and International Politics

1 November Seminar (held in Finnish)
Eastern Central Europe after the Elections

1 November 2006 Guest Lecture
Russian Women Immigrants in the Nordic Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden - Beyond Cultural Recognition?

6-7- October 2006
7th Finnish Colloquium of Southeast European Studies

5 October Aleksanteri Confrence
Constructing New Identities in Transforming Europe
Enlargement and Integration: are they compatible?

26 September 2006 Guest lecture
Why should EU accession negotiations with Serbia be continued right way?

15 June 2006 Seminar
Challenges and Prospects for Development of the European Energy Sector

9 June 2006 Seminar
Energy Policy & Its Observable Effects
Russia / EU Energy Relations: Present Limitations & Future Prospects

1 and 2 June 2006 Symposium
”Russian Alternatives in the 20th Century” – A Symposium on Alexander Bogdanov

31 May - 3 June 2006 ESF Workshop
Eastern European Women as Immigrants in Western European Transregions
Gender Perspectives on Everyday Life, Citizenship and Social Justice

31 May 2006 Seminar
Visegrád Group and Finland - the ' Europe Between' in the Enlarged European Union,
from North to South

29 May 2006 Seminar
Political system and civil society in Belarus – challenges for the future

24 May Presentation
Serbia after the Montenegro’s Referendum on Independence
given by Mr. Vuk Drašković, Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro

20 May 2006 Defence of a Doctoral Thesis
"Social Networks and Everyday Practices in Russia"
Anna-Maria Salmi

19 May 2006 Seminar on Security Policy
Towards an EU Strategy for Comprehensive Baltic Sea Security

18 May 2006 Lecture
Line Managers in Russia : Between Capital and Labour

11 May 2006 Seminar
Ukraine’s political reformation: society, economy and foreign policies after 2006 elections

30-31 March 2006
VI Symposium for Russian and East European Studies, VIEPÄ 2006
University of Lapland, Rovaniemi

21 April 2006 Seminar
The Two-Lewel Game: Russia's Relations with Great Britain, Finland and
the European Union

7 April 2006 Seminar
International Seminar: Energy Policy & Its Observable Effects

23 March 2006 Lecture
"Kosovo and Metohija in the context of the new security threats in Europe"
"Achivements of U.S. National Security Strategy, September 17th, 2002.- Preventive and Preemtive actions in the Globalized World"

Prof. Aleksandar Fatic and Dragan Simic (Serbia and Montenegro)

1 February 2006 Seminar
“Between the Balkans and the EU - Gender Perspective from Croatia ”

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