Seminar16th November 2006

Gendered Domains: Politics and Democracy in Russia Today

Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki University
Töölönkatu 3 A, 4th floor
Thursday, 16 November 2006, 13 - 18 o'clock


Meri Kulmala, Aleksanteri Institute
Local self-government and social NGOs solving local problems - separate
encounters, inevitable interdependence or real partnership? Case Sortavala, Russian Karelia

Irina Yukina, Nevsky Institute
The problem of gender equality and women's NGO's in St. Petersburg

Natalia Kukarenko, Pomor State University
Citizenship and gender: New patterns of exclusion in Russia

Coffee break

Aino Saarinen, Aleksanteri Institute
Women's organising in Russia: Between the internal ¨democracy deficit¨ and the external ¨democracy assistance¨

Verena Kaselitz, Social Change - Institute for Innovation in Gender Research and Violence Prevention, Austria
The networking of European women's organisations and women's researchers as transnational action against human rights violation: benefits and obstacles

Janet Johnson, City University New York
Can intervention help women? The global campaign against gender violence in the New Russia


Printable programme

This is a pre-seminar to
Together For The Future
Forum on civil society cooperation of the European Union and Russia
(Lahti - St. Petersburg, 17 - 20 November 2006) Read more