ESF - European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop 31st May - 1st June 2006

Eastern European Women as Immigrants in Western European Transregions -
Gender Perspectives on Everyday Life, Citizenship and Social Justice

31 May - 3 June 2006 at Aleksanteri Institute
Convenor: Dr. Aino Saarinen, Aleksanteri Institute (aino.saarinen[at];
Co-convenor: Prof. Marina Calloni, University of Milan at Bicocca (marina.calloni[at]

The workshop aims at promoting multidisciplinary and comparative inquiries on the life of women from Eastern Europe as immigrants in the Western parts of Barents, Balticum, Central Europe, Alps-Adria. Experiences as ´others´ and the de/reconstruction of identities will be approached 1) in the frameworks of the modern/postmodern epistemologies concerning the structures, culture and agency; 2) through the three ´prisms´ concerning everyday life, citizenship, and social justice, all intertwined with gendered violence.


Open Theme Presentation of the Workshop

at Aleksanteri Insitute, Helsinki University
Töölönkatu 3 A, 5th floor
Wednesday 31 May 2006, 5 - 6.30 pm (17 - 18.30 o´clock)

Programme MARINA CALLONI (Milan)
Including the ´Otherness´: Controversial Processes of Democratisation

ANDREA PETÖ (Budapest)
Personal and Theoretical Comments on Oral History, Memory and Migration

Gender Relationships in Europe at the Turn of the Millennium
- GRINE Project Presentation -

Russian Women as Immigrants in Norden
- RWN Project Presentation -

Pre-session programme (pdf 101 KB)