Presentation 24th May 2006

presentationSerbia after the Montenegro's Referendum on Independence

24 May 2006 in Aleksanteri Institute

Mr. Vuk Drašković, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro gave a public lecture entitled ‘Serbia after Montenegro’s Referendum on Independence’. The Minister emphasised that disintegration of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro is a ‘divorce’ of two states, not of a people sharing the same historical and cultural background. He mentioned that good relations between the states are essential for both parties. The Minister underlined that the fair solution of the Kosovo-status is a key to the stability of the Western Balkans area. Referring to the UN Charter, he said that the outcome of the negotiations cannot be the independence of Kosovo. Independence would not only violate the sovereignty of the state of Serbia, but it could lead to destabilisation and could provoke separatist tendencies in the Balkans as well as in different corners of the world. It is important to find a compromising settlement acceptable to all sides; a long term solution which takes into account all the different aspects of the issue including minority rights, the protection of the cultural heritage and well-being of all Kosovo communities. Minister Drašković stressed that it is a matter of utmost importance to arrest Mr. Mladić and cooperate fully with the Hague Tribunal in order to continue the negotiations on the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU. The future of Serbia as well as Montenegro is in the EU although they are travelling to Brussels “in two cars” instead of one.

Text: Jouni Järvinen, Aleksanteri Institute