Lecture 16th March 2005

lectureProfessor Julian Cooper (CREES) University of Birmigham, gives a lecture:

The Internet and the 'New' Economy in Russia: Yet another Utopia?

Time: 16.03.2005, at 3-5 pm

Place: Aleksanteri Institute (Finnish Center for Russian and East European Studies), Töölönkatu 3 A, 5 th floor, lecture room.



Professor Julian M Cooper is a deputy Director of Centre for Russian and East European Studies (CREES), University of Birmingham, UK and professor of Russian Economic Studies. He is also associate Member of the Department of Economics. Professor Cooper is an author of The Soviet Defence Industry: Conversion and Reform; co-editor of The Technological Level of Soviet Industry; Industrial Innovation in the Soviet Union; and Technical Progress and Soviet Economic Development. Current research on economic transformation in Russia, with particular emphasis on the economics of defence and security, accession to the World Trade Organisation, and the development of the Internet.

Registration: essi.lindroos[at]helsinki.fi, tel. 09-191 28660, fax 09-191 28616

Participation in the lecture is free of charge