Event Archive 2004

4th Annual Aleksanteri Conference 2004

”Democracy in Russia and the CIS – Concepts, Challenges and Visions”

11-12 November, 2004, University of Helsinki, Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33)

Call for papers

The conference addresses a wide array of questions related to democracy in Russia and other CIS countries. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, characteristic features of political participation and representation; challenges and prospects of democratic development; political culture and historical contexts of democratic rule; the role of the civil society and the media. Papers presenting conceptual analyses and comparative contributions are also warmly welcome.

All those interested in analysing various aspects of democracy in the CIS are invited to take part in the conference by presenting their papers in the panels. We invite contributions from a wide disciplinary background, for example, from political science, sociology, history, law, economics and cultural studies.

Abstracts of proposed papers should be approximately 300 words in length and sent by 20 August 2004 to: fcree-alekscon [at] helsinki.fi. Please include your name, affiliation and contact information as you wish them to appear in the conference programme. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 10 September 2004.

This is the fourth in a series of annual multidisciplinary, international Aleksanteri conferences organised by the Aleksanteri Institute. The Aleksanteri Institute (Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies) is affiliated with the University of Helsinki and operates as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and countries of the former Soviet bloc, particularly in the social sciences and humanities.

Additional and updated information can also be found at the conference website.