Quality and evaluation

The aim of the Aleksanteri Institute is to become one of the world’s leading institutions in the field of Russian and Eastern European studies. Cutting-edge research, education and societal interaction conducted at the Institute demand not only continuous quality assurance but deeply internalized quality culture encompassing all processes and aspects of daily work.

The Aleksanteri Institute is committed to the quality principles of the University of Helsinki. Quality is embedded in the substance of the institute’s academic work as well as all the processes supporting the main activities. Transparency and open organizational culture fostering academic leadership are prerequisites for an effective and high quality work. This ensures the Institute’s capacity to respond sometimes very rapidly to the changing needs for its expertise.

The Aleksanteri Institute is guided by an executive board that represents the University of Helsinki and other interest groups. The Institute also has an advisory board with a strong focus on reaching out to society. Both boards support the long-term development of the Institute and promote its interest group cooperation.

The Institute’s strategic goals concerning research, education, societal outreach and resources (finances, HR policy and premises) and their implementation are documented in the Target Program for the years 2013-2016. In addition, there is a research policy presenting the main strategic areas of the research in greater detail. The quality of education is assessed on the basis of systematic student feedback and its analysis, annual board evaluation meeting sharing experiences beyond institutional borders.

An important part of quality work is excellent HR policy, which is based on the University’s HR policy and documented in the Institute’s Human Resource Plan. An important prerequisite of a successful working environment is that the staff use their expertise in cooperation by participating in the preparation of decision making. Sharing common aims, values and understanding of the quality culture are the foundation of a creative and innovative academic work culture.