Aleksanteri Associates

Aleksanteri Associates are long-standing partners in Aleksanteri Institute's networks. They are affiliated with the Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki) and employed elsewhere at the University of Helsinki, at another Finnish or foreign university, research centre or other unit.

The Board of the Aleksanteri Institute nominates the Aleksanteri Associates upon recommendation by the Director of the Aleksanteri Institute. Nominations are based on invitation only.

At any one point in time, there can be at most ten Aleksanteri Associates. An Associate must be an accomplished researcher holding a doctoral degree. The nomination is made for three years at a time.

Aleksanteri Associates

Pami Aalto
Jean Monnet Professor, University of Tampere (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Natalia Baschmakoff
Professor Emerita, University of Eastern Finland (Russian language and literature) (1.1.2013-31.12.2015)

David Dusseault
Ph.D., Senior Market Analyst, Gasum Plc (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Tuomas Forsberg
Professor, University of Tampere (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Leo Granberg
Adjunct professor, Dr.Pol.Sc (1.10.2013-30.9.2016)

Katalin Miklóssy
Docent, University of Helsinki (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Arto Mustajoki
Professor, University of Helsinki (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Aino Saarinen
Researcher, D.Soc.Sc (1.1.2013-31.12.2015)

Pekka Visuri
Professor, National Defence University (1.4.2012-31.3.2015)

Tuomas Forsberg & Pami Aalto

Tuomas Forsberg & Pami Aalto
Photo: Pekka Kiirala