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Niina Into
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Information Services

The information services at the Aleksanteri Institute collect and distribute scientific information about Russia and Eastern Europe to public and private sectors both in Finland and abroad.

Our two mailing lists aleksanteri-lista and aleksanteri-institute reach over 1000 international subscribers and our website, Facebook and Twitter pages are visited by several hundred viewers daily. The quarterly newsletter Aleksanteri News gathers together the most important news of the Aleksanteri Institute while Aleksanteri Insight offers short analyses of current phenomena in Russia and Eastern Europe by leading experts of the field.

The information services are developed in close cooperation with the researchers of Aleksanteri Institute. We run a highly specialized and active reference library and provide support for the use of the online databases at the University of Helsinki. Our journal subscriptions are devised to complement those of the Slavonic library. Aleksanteri Institute is also an active member in national and international networks of information services promoting the efficient use of information resources on Russia and Eastern Europe.

The library services are tailored to the institute staff and students, but should you find a relevant title in our collection (indexed in the Helka database by the University of Helsinki library), don’t hesitate to contact our information specialists.  

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