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28.5.2015 at 14:15
Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Yuliya Zabyelina: Why Does Corruption Persist in Putin's Russia?

2.6.2015 at 14:15
Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Luca Anceschi: The Geo-Strategic Implications of the TAPI Pipeline Project

4.6.2015 at 14:15
Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Aziz Burkhanov: Media and Nationalism in Kazakhstan: Comparing Discourse of Kazakh- and Russian-language Newspapers

Seminar Soviet Hegel. An International Symposium on the Hegel Reception in the USSR

9.6.2015 at 14:15
Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Roman Krakovsky: Building Communities in Central Europe. Social Ties in Poland and Czechoslovakia

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Welcome to the Aleksanteri Institute!

The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The Institute promotes cooperation and interaction between the academic world, public administration, business life and civil society, both in Finland and abroad.

Aleksanteri News 2/2015 - Reaching out to Society

  Aleksanteri News 2/2015 highlights the Institute's activity in societal outreach. The cover photo celebrates the J.V. Snellman Public Information Award and inside the newsletter, two books aimed at wider Finnish audience are introduced. Recent and up-coming projects with high societal relevance, such as project RAGE and cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute are also presented.
The newsletter contains many important dates, among them a reminder of this year's Aleksanteri Conference's CfP deadline, so please take a look online or get your printed copy at the Aleksanteri Institute!

J.V. Snellman Award to the Aleksanteri Institute

Photo: Linda Tammisto

The Aleksanteri Institute was presented with J.V. Snellman Public Information Award by the University of Helsinki on the 22nd of April, 2015. The reasons for the award stated that the Institute has succesfully promoted academic views and insights about issues related to Russia and Eastern Europe. Researchers at the Institute are able to quickly react on the arising questions and they present their comments and analysis in a way that serves the needs of the Finnish society. The Aleksanteri Institute works hard to establish effective ways to contribute to the discussions in politics, business and the society at large.

Read the news published by the Faculty of Arts in Finnish

Fifteen Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows for 2015-2016

Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows for the academic year 2015–2016 have been selected. Altogether 177 applications were received by the deadline of February 20th. While the selection of proposals was based on academic excellence, it also strove to take into account a balance between the nominated Visiting Fellows’ projects and the various research foci and regions covered by the Aleksanteri Institute.

Visiting Fellows for the academic year 2015-2016 are:

  • Cox Terry
  • Denisova-Schmidt Elena
  • Dimitrov Martin
  • Ghodsee Kristen
  • Leichtova Magdalena
  • March Luke
  • Navumau Vasil
  • Obradovic-Wochnik Jelena
  • Pinsky Anatoly
  • Plets Gertjan
  • Reeves Madeleine
  • Sokhibov Akmal
  • Steila Daniela
  • Tarasenko Anna

Please, see the programme pages for more information.

We wish to sincerely thank all those who were interested in coming to the Aleksanteri Institute.

Aleksanteri Insight 2/2015: History of Ukrainian statehood

The history of Ukrainian statehood has always been closely interlinked with Russian statehood, contributing to Russia's attitude to Ukraine, writes Jeremy Smith in issue 2/2015 of Aleksanteri Insight.

South Caucasus beyond Borders


The South Caucasus beyond Borders, Boundaries and Division Lines: Conflicts, Cooperation and Development is the final publication of the research project with the same name that was part of the security cluster of the Wider Europe Initiative.

The report was edited by researcher Mikko Palonkorpi.

ISBN 978-951-51-0018-4, 241 p.
Read more and order the book!

New in Aleksanteri Cold War Series


Nordic Cold War Cultures. Ideological Promotion, Public Reception and East - West Interactions  is the second volume in the Aleksanteri Cold War Series. The book, edited by Valur Ingimundarson and Rósa Magnusdottir, explores representations of the cultural Cold War in the five Nordic countries.

ISBN 978-951-51-0019-1, 214 p. 
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