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Visiting Fellows' Seminar Series: Ilya Kalinin (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia): Protest Movement in Russia (2011-2012). Cultural distinctions and political similarities: dialectics of the defeat

"100-vuotiaat naapurit: Suomi ja Venäjä”: Suomen ja Venäjän väliset kulttuurivaikutukset.
Helsingin yliopiston ja Aleksanteri-instituutin järjestämä yleisöluentosarja aloittaa paneelilla Suomen ja Venäjän välisistä kulttuurivaikutuksista. Aiheesta kertomassa Laura Kolbe, Liisa Byckling ja Tomi Huttunen, joiden puheenvuorojen jälkeen keskustelu avataan yleisölle.
TIME: Wednesday 15.2. klo 17:00-19:00
PLACE: Porthania PII, 1. krs, Yliopistonkatu 3

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Welcome to the Aleksanteri Institute!

The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The Institute promotes cooperation and interaction between the academic world, public administration, business life and civil society, both in Finland and abroad.

Doctoral Defence, Sat 28.1.2017: Elina Viljanen

Doctoral Defence, Sat 28.1.2017: Elina Viljanen: THE PROBLEM OF THE MODERN AND TRADITION: Early Soviet Musical Culture and the Musicological Theory of Boris Asafiev (1884–1949)

Praises for Competition in Socialist Society

Competition in Socialist Society (Routledge, 2014), edited by Katalin Miklóssy and Melanie Ilic, has been reviewed in Contemporary European History with praises. According to the book review, “the book conceptualises Eastern European history in fresh ways”. The volume is based on a three-year international collaborative project, Competition in Socialist Society (2010-2012).

Kone Foundation’s awarded grants to Docent Anna-Liisa Heusala and Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher Meri Kulmala

In its meeting on Dec. 2016, Kone Foundation’s Board of Trustees awarded 41.6 million EUR to bold initiatives in research and the arts. Grants were awarded to 615 individuals, organisations, and groups. Of the grants, 56% represent research, and 25% the arts. 19% of the grantees were projects combining research and the arts.

Among the awarded grants were following research projects led by Docent Anna-Liisa Heusala and Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher Meri Kulmala.


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Aleksanteri Conference 2016 videos published

You can now access Aleksanteri Conference keynote presentations and the roundtable discussion at the Aleksanteri Institute YouTube channel.

Module about Eastern European studies


East within Europe – Jean Monnet Module aims to synthesize Eastern European area studies and European integration studies and lighten the role of the former socialist countries in the European integration. It offers a current view to Russia and Eastern Europe through a matter that has only accentuated due to ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The Module consists of three intensive courses of different topics.

Aleksanteri Insight 5/2016
Meri Kulmala: Child welfare reform in Russia


It is a major risk in child welfare reform in Russia to focus on decorative institutional renovation, writes Academy of Finland Post-doctoral Fellow Meri Kulmala.

Aleksanteri Insight 5/2016: Child welfare reform in Russia

Aleksanteri News 3-4/2016


Issue 3-4 of the Aleksanteri News is out now. This special issue is dedicated mainly to the Aleksanteri Conference 2016 “Life and Death in Russia” and contains the detailed programme of the Conference. The Newsletter also introduces our keynote speakers – prominent names from the research field. The “Face of the Month” is the Aleksanteri Conference Coordinator and Post-Doctoral Researcher Marina Khmelnitskaya. In her interview she comments on the Russian policy-making process, drawing upon examples from the housing sphere.


This week on Faces of Aleksanteri: Markku Kangaspuro

Director of Research, Professor Markku Kangaspuro was interviewed for Aleksanteri News 1/2010 when he was starting to head a project within a larger international Memory at War collaborative research project. What does Markku think today as Aleksanteri Institute's strengths throughout its history? What keeps him most motivated in his work? Read it in Faces of Aleksanteri blog!


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