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Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Yuriy Matsiyevsky: "Revolutionary Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes: the Case of Ukraine"

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Anna Temkina: "Russian Women as Mothers, Consumers, Citizens and Patients: Childbirth Care in St.Petersburg"

Nainen neuvostoelokuvassa. Seminar in Finnish at the National Audiovisual Institute. (In Finnish)

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Yoko Hirose: "Russian Policy for Post-Soviet Unrecognized States and Regions: Similarities and Differences"

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Welcome to the Aleksanteri Institute!

The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The Institute promotes cooperation and interaction between the academic world, public administration, business life and civil society, both in Finland and abroad.

Master's Programme in Russian Studies - Apply by 12 Jan

The Master's Programme in Russian Studies promotes an understanding of Russia as a vital member of global and local communities and an important and powerful player today. The programme is one of the 30 programmes available in English at the University of Helsinki. Application period for the programmes is 1.12.2017-12.1.2018. Apply here!

Patriotism fills Russia’s ideological void

Various forces are trying to guide the direction of political development in Russia. Civic education, grounded in strong patriotism, has become very popular in the country. Patriotism, education and soft power were big themes at #Aleksanteri2017. Read an interview with Anna Sanina at the University of Helsinki News page.

Aleksanteri Conference: 3 days, 50 panels

The 17th annual Aleksanteri Conference "Russia's Choices for 2030" took place in Helsinki on 25-27 October. Conference programme, keynote bios and abstracts of the more than 200 presentations are published at the conference website.

Photos from #Aleksanteri2017 can be found in our Facebook album, and video recordings of the keynote lectures will be available on our channel at Youtube shortly.

We hope you enjoyed the conference and that we will see you here again next year when it's time for #Aleksanteri2018!

Aleksanteri News 2/2017 - Conference Issue

  Aleksanteri News 2/2017 is a special conference issue that contains the conference programme but also lots of information about latest research and interesting people at the Aleksanteri Institute. Take a look at the interview with Anna Lowry on page 2 and see what's happening in the Visiting Fellows programme (pages 14-15).

Aleksanteri Insight 3/2017

  Russia 2030: development after fossil fuels? The long-term future of Russia's fossil fuel reliant development model is uncertain, writes Pami
in Aleksanteri Insight 3/2017

Cultural forms of Protest in Russia

  The brand new volume Cultural Forms of Protest in Russia examines the artistic traditions from which the movements of 2011-2012 arose and the various forms they took in the Russian media, internet, novels and fashion. Although the articles focus on the specific years, the legacy of the protest movements lives on. Russian protest movements have suggested new directions for Russian – and global – politics.
Cultural Forms of Protest in Russia
Edited by Birgit Beumers, Alexander Etkind, Olga Gurova, Sanna Turoma
© 2018 – Routledge


International Seminar on Freedom of Expression in Russia

Media, Capital and Culture: Institutional Spaces in Between

The seminar Media, Capital, and Culture: Institutional Spaces in Between brought together academic researchers and practitioners of arts and media at the Aleksanteri Institute on 19 May. In addition to political restrictions, the seminar also highlighted economic practices and policies, which condition freedom of expression. At the roundtable discussion Ivan Kolpakov, Editor-in-Chief of, emphaziced  that he has not experienced direct censorship and can publish freely, but, at the same time, he has to be constantly aware of Russia’s legislative processes. Artists Andrei Bogush and Liisa Roberts shared with the audience their aesthetic experience of working at the crossroad of various media.  Ilya Kalinin from the St. Petersburg State University and Vlad Strukov from the University of Leeds commented on the discussion which was moderated by Sanna Turoma from the Aleksanteri Institute. Seminar was jointly organized by the Culture Cluster of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Russian Studies ‘Choices of Russian Modernization’, Russian MediaLab research project, and the Leeds Russian Centre (Russia[n] in the Global context).


Katri Pynnöniemi appointed assistant professor of Russian security policy


The University of Helsinki and the National Defence University have established a joint professorship in Russian security policy. DPhil Katri Pynnöniemi has been appointed the first holder of the position in a decision by the rector of the University of Helsinki. Pynnöniemi simultaneously becomes an assistant professor at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Arts.

Located at the Aleksanteri Institute, the new professorship strengthens the teaching and research in Russian security, foreign policy and defence policy at both universities.

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Aleksanteri News 1/2017 published


The cover of this year’s first issue of Aleksanteri News expresses support for the European University at St. Petersburg and the Central European University in Budapest. Inside, you will find useful information on a number of upcoming events and read about the diversity of the research that is conducted at the Aleksanteri Institute. For example, there are ongoing projects about energy and security, migration and the evolution of authoritarian systems.

The ‘Face of the Month’ in this issue is Librarian Emilia Pyykönen, who discusses the importance of collaboration between researchers and information experts and reveals the secrets of new electronic resources! Check out the latest publication news and updates on the institute’s study programmes, and learn about the Aleksanteri community by reading greetings from our new employees and visiting fellows!

Aleksanteri Insight 1/2017 A local perspective on energy development in the high north

To date, the impact of the federal energy policy on local sustainable development has not been systematically investigated, writes Daria Gritsenko.

Aleksanteri Insight 1/2017: A local perspective on energy development in the high north


Module about Eastern European studies


East within Europe – Jean Monnet Module aims to synthesize Eastern European area studies and European integration studies and lighten the role of the former socialist countries in the European integration. It offers a current view to Russia and Eastern Europe through a matter that has only accentuated due to ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The Module consists of three intensive courses of different topics.

Centre of Excellence Choices of Russian Modernisation


Russian Media Lab

RussiaHUB Helsinki

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