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Visiting Fellows 2015-2016

Anna Tarasenko, National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg), Russia

“Regional Variations of Withdrawal from Welfare Provision in Russia: why Interest Groups Matter?”
(August-September 2015)

Anna Tarasenko is a researcher at the Centre for Modernization Studies at the European University at Saint Petersburg and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Political Science, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg). Her PhD was devoted to the analysis of the consultative bodies (public chambers) in Russian regions as tools for interest representation and neo-corporatist type of arrangement between interest groups and local government.

Short description of ongoing research:
Anna Tarasenko’s recent research embraces such a broad topic as the examination of the interrelation between the welfare transformation and the model of civil society development. She employs such theoretical perspectives as social origin theory (Salamon and Sokolowski), interest group theory and the concept of clientelism and patronage to explore factors that affect the nonprofit sector development under the revision of social policy model in contemporary Russia. Her book “Razvitie nekommercheskogo sektora v stranah Evropeiskogo Soyuza i Rosssii v kontekste transformatsii gosudarstva blagosostoyania” (The Development of Nonprofit Sector in European Union and Russia under the Transformation of the Welfare State) scrutinizes trends of the nonprofit sector development in Russia in general and in Saint Petersburg region in particular.
During her stay at the Aleksanteri Institute, she will be working on a draft of an article. Therefore the main activity embraces the analysis of collected empirical data, work in the library with academic literature and writing a paper.

Email: ATarasenko [at]

Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Vladimir Gel’man and Meri Kulmala