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Visiting Fellows 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows are listed below, along with the projects they will pursue while visiting the Institute.

Autumn 2014 | Spring 2015


Bacon, Edwin
Department of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

"Anticipating Russia's Future: a Multivocal Perspective"
(October 2014)

E-mail: e.bacon [at]


Efremenko, Dmitry
Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (INION), Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

"EU-Ukraine-Russia Trilateral Political Dialogue and Economic Cooperation as an Alternative to Geopolitical Rivalry in Eastern Europe"
(August-September 2014)

E-mail: efdv2009 [at]

Room 323


Kniazeva, Olga
University of British Columbia, Canada

"Opposition and Dissent in Petro-States: International Oil Markets and Political Mobilization"
(August-September 2014)

E-mail: olga.beznosova [at]

Room 230


Merdjanova, Ina
Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

"Interreligious Dialogue for Peacebuilding in the Balkans: A Gender-Critical Perspective"
(September-October 2014)

E-mail: merdjand [at]

Room 319


Morris, Jeremy
Centre for Russian and East European Studies & Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Birmingham, UK

"Russia's Worthless Dowry? - An Ethnographic Study of the Blue-Collar Monotown"
(August-September 2014)

E-mail: j.b.morris [at]

Room 318




Smyth, Regina
Department of Political Science, Indiana University, USA

"The Anatomy of Evolution"
(August-November 2014)

E-mail: rsmyth [at]

Room 220


Walker, Charles
Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, University of Southampton, UK

"Masculinities and Wellbeing in Contemporary Russia"
(August-September 2014)

E-mail: charlie.walker [at]

Room 318



Glebov, Sergey
Smith and Amherst Colleges in Massachusetts, USA

"In Search of Russian Modernity: Jakobson, Lévi-Strauss and the Making of Structuralism"
(April-June 2015)

E-mail: sglebov [at]


Engel, Christine
Department of Slavic Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria

"Eurasianism and Lev N. Gumilev's Heritage in Recent Russian Cinema"
(May-June 2015)

E-mail: christine.engel [at]


Krakovsky, Roman
CERCEC, EHESS, Paris, France

"The Building of a Socialist Community. Social Relations in Czechoslovakia and Poland (1929-1989)"
(June 2015)

E-mail: romankrakovsky [at]


Pullmann, Michal
Institute for Economic and Social History, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

"Pragmatic Radicalism of the 'Long' 1970s: Ideology and Social Consensus in East and West"
(March-May 2015)

E-mail: michal.pullmann [at]


Zabyelina, Julia
Department of Political Science, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY), USA

“Why Does Corruption Persist in Putin's Russia? Political Will and Controlled Corruption in Authoritarian Regimes”
(May-June 2015)

E-mail: yzabyelina [at]



Autumn 2014 | Spring 2015