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Visiting Fellows 2013-2014

Anna Badyina, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental
Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK

“The Housing Question and the Production of Uneven Urban Spatialities in Post-Soviet
Moscow and Russia”

(August 2013)

Dr Anna Badyina is a Research Fellow at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the University of Birmingham and a Visiting Research Associate, the University of Oxford. She holds an MSc in the Built Environment from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a Doctorate in Human Geography from the University of Oxford. She previously worked professionally in the development industry. Since 2008, she has also served as Consultant and Adviser to the UN agencies, including UN-HABITAT and UNECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe), on matters of housing policy, sustainable housing, land management and spatial planning.

Her research lies at the interface between human geography, sociology and urban and housing studies, involving in particular: (a) spatial politico-economic perspectives on housing and societal transformations under post-socialism; (b) understanding the impacts of new urban politics on socio-spatial inequalities; and (c) sustainability and resilience of housing and urban environment. The outcome of her research is published in international journals such as, for example, Urban Studies and Geografiska Annaler B and in other international outlets and edited books. She co-authored a number of the UNECE Country Profiles on the Housing Sector – the major international policy reviews of housing affairs in respective countries. She is also a co-author of a book on Self-Made Cities published by UNECE, which reviews the problem of informal and substandard housing across Europe and North America.


Abstract of current research:
At Aleksanteri Institute Anna Badyina will focus on preparing a book proposal on The Housing Question and the Production of Uneven Urban Spatialities in Post-Soviet Russia. This research advances the political-economic and socio-spatial perspectives on social reproduction in Russia, focusing on the field of housing. Building on the critical ontology of space, restructurings in the Russian housing domains are conceptualised as the key moments of socio-spatial praxis of capitalism and means of class transformation. Housing is seen as a central facet of ‘the web of life’- a key socio-spatial and material arena through which the new socio-economic order is established and reproduced, while bringing various contradictions. The new order subjects the hitherto socialist residential structures to the praxis of ‘accumulation by dispossession’ by which the old geography of housing is being fragmented and exploited to produce a scarcity of quality residential life and thus leading to the opportunities for generating and extracting extra profits. Constitutive to these processes are new housing ideologies and practices that restructure the 'old' geography of housing at different scales and spatialities.

Email: a.badyina[at]

Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen and Markus Kainu