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Visiting Fellows 2010-2011


The 2010-2011 Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows are listed below, along with the projects they will pursue while in residence at the Institute.

Autumn 2010 | Spring 2011


Ochirova, Irina
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

"Russia's Foreign Policy as a Tool of its Modernization"
(October-November 2010)


Rat, Cristina
Babes-Bolyai' University Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Undeserving daughters of hero mothers. Family policies and poverty in rural Romania”
(September 15- November 15, 2010)


Steila, Daniela
University of Turin, Italy

“Russian Philosophy and its own History: a Contribution to the Reconstruction of National Identity in Post-Soviet Russia”
(August-September 2010)



Toepfl, Florian
Columbia University, United States

“Reconstructing Stalin"
(August-October 2010)


Torsello, Davide
University of Bergamo, Italy

“Theory and practices of political corruption and institutional trust in Eastern Europe"
(August-September 2010)




Bogdanova, Elena
Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg

“Evolution of a Legal Order from the Late-Soviet to the Post-Soviet Russia”
(March-May 2011)


Bystrova, Irina
Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Center of Military History of Russia

“The Military-industrial complex of the USSR and post-Soviet Russia: from the period of the Cold War to the present, 1945-2010”
(January-March 2011)


Harris, Jane Gary
University of Pittsburgh, United States

“The Culture of Aging: The Reality Behind the Fiction in Contemporary Russia”
(May-June 2011)


Mikeshin, Mikhail
St. Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) and St. Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas, Russia

“Nordic Countries in Political Ideas of Russian Ambassador Simon Vorontsov”
(January-February 2011)


Nadkarni, Maya
Swarthmore College, United States

“Subjects of Crisis: Anxieties of national identity in postsocialist Hungary”
(June 2011)


Segert, Dieter
University of Vienna, Austria

"Were They Tactical Democrats Only? Reformer in State Socialism as Actors of Democratization and Their Present Heritage"
(April-May 2011)


Tesser, Lynn
International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

“Ethnic Separation or European Integration?  The Impact of Contradictory Peace Projects in Central Europe and the Balkans”
(January-February 2011)


Vázquez Liñan, Miguel
University of Seville, Spain

“Political use of history for constructing a "sole" identity in present-day Russia: an approach to History of Communication and Propaganda"
(April-June 2011)


Vittuari, Matteo
University of Bologna, Italy

“The Role of Territorial Capital and Diversification: Application to South Eastern Europe"
(April-June 2011)


Worobec, Christine
Northern Illinois University, United States

“Moving Faith: Pilgrimages in Modern Russia and Ukraine, 1700 to the Present."
(March 20-May 20, 2011)



Autumn 2010 | Spring 2011