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Visiting Scholars Programme

The Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Scholars Programme provides an opportunity for highly qualified scholars in Russian and Eastern European studies to visit the Aleksanteri Institute and the University of Helsinki for a period of one to three months, supported with a monthly grant, which in the academic year 2014–2015 is 2700 €. Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows have the opportunity to conduct research and interact with other researchers at the Aleksanteri Institute and with the wider academic community at the University of Helsinki and in Finland. Each Visiting Fellow has a research host working on a related theme and helping to establish contacts with the research community in Finland.

While the Aleksanteri Institute is an independent institute of the University of Helsinki, it also has a national function, acting as the Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies. Therefore, Visiting Fellows may also accept invitations for short visits to Finnish universities other than the University of Helsinki. The Aleksanteri Institute is coordinating the Finnish Centre of Excellence “Choices of Russian Modernisation”, funded by the Academy of Finland for the period of 2012-2017. The CoE is run together with the University of Tampere.  

Starting from the academic year 2008-2009, the Visiting Scholars Programme has hosted nearly one hundred Visiting Fellows working on various fields and themes within social sciences and humanities, and representing 25 countries from Europe through North America to China. Read more about the Visiting Fellows Alumni.

Here you can find information on the Visiting Fellows joining the Aleksanteri Institute during 2014-2015. Visiting Fellows present their research projects in the Visiting Fellows Research Seminars.

Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows for the academic year 2015–2016 selected

Aleksanteri Visiting Fellows for the academic year 2015–2016 have been selected. The call was open from 8 January to 20 February, 2015.  Altogether 177 applications were sent for the fellowships and thus the number of excellent proposals far exceeded our hosting capacity. 15 Visiting Fellows are invited to the Institute for periods of one to three months. While the selection of proposals was based on academic excellence, it also strove to take into account a balance between the nominated Visiting Fellows’ projects and the various research foci and regions covered by the Aleksanteri Institute.

  • Cox Terry
  • Denisova-Schmidt Elena
  • Dimitrov Martin
  • Ghodsee Kristen
  • Leichtova Magdalena
  • March Luke
  • Navumau Vasil
  • Obradovic-Wochnik Jelena
  • Pinsky Anatoly
  • Plets Gertjan
  • Reeves Madeleine
  • Sokhibov Akmal
  • Steila Daniela
  • Tarasenko Anna

For more information on the Visiting Fellows 2015 - 2016.

We wish to sincerely thank all those who were interested in coming to the Aleksanteri Institute.

The call for visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016-2017 will open in January 2016.

Visiting Fellows Bettina Renz, Arthur Mason and Barbara Falk, spring 2013

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