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Visiting Fellows Alumni

Aleksanteri Institute’s Visiting Fellows Programme has invited over 120 Visiting Fellows to the University of Helsinki since the start of the programme in 2008–2009:

It is always a great pleasure for the Aleksanteri Institute to host our highly accomplished visitors whose presence invigorates our academic community and instigates new initiatives. We are happy to say that also the Visiting Fellows themselves have greatly enjoyed their time at the Aleksanteri Institute and in Helsinki. For most Visiting Fellows their visit has been an exceptional time to fully concentrate on research and writing, and for creating new networks and initiatives with our resident researchers and also with other Visiting Fellows.

Here's what some of our former fellows thought about the visit:

“Exceptional working environment in terms of colleagues (permanent staff and visiting fellows), research activity, office and related provisions, accommodation, libraries. Being here during the annual conference was also fantastic. That conference is in my view the best international conference on Russia. I was also able to attend seminars at the Finnish Institute for International Affairs, and at the University of Turku.” - Edwin Bacon, Reader in Comparative Politics, Birkbeck, University of London

“This is a wonderful research community and I was honored to be a part of it. Everything was excellent.” - Martin Dimitrov, Associate Professor of Political Science, Tulane University

“The Institute is an amazing place to work. The resources Helsinki can offer are very impressive and the discussions with colleagues at the Aleksanteri Institute also proved most useful.” - Christine Engel, Professor of Russian Literature, Film and Culture, University of Innsbruck

“It was terrific to have the opportunity to engage with a community of committed scholars and researchers who are working, in an interdisciplinary context, on topics on Eastern Europe. ...everyone at the Institute was so helpful, generous with their time, and willing to give advice about the city and the university. My academic hosts were also very helpful in meeting with me, providing suggestions and inviting me to Tampere for the day." - Barbara J. Falk, Canadian Forces College / Royal Military College of Canada / University of Toronto, Canada

 “My stay was really very useful and pleasant. I enjoyed the fruitful discussions with colleagues at the Aleksanteri, working at the Slavonic Library – and the opportunity to concentrate on my research project. I also highly appreciated the help of the staff! Everything was perfect.” - Olga Malinova, Professor of Politics, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow

“This is a real opportunity to get down to work without distractions and the environment is great – very intellectual, with many disciplines and topics. This mix is inspirational, and helps spark lots of ideas. The resources are excellent and everything is so well-organised.” - Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Aston University

“The fellowship was very effective and fruitful time and helped me to integrate in the community of the researchers at the Institute and elsewhere in Finland. This was possible also thanks to help of the colleagues of the Institute. One obvious advantage was the access to the library resources, the friendly office surroundings and comfortable living conditions.” - Elena L. Omel’chenko, Professor of Sociology, National Research University Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg

“The expertise of the center and its researchers raised the bar for me, and reminded me of the importance of a thorough and detailed understanding of my discipline (Anthropology) and of the region where I work. “ - Gertjan Plets, Assistant Professor in Cultural Heritage, University of Utrecht

“The fellowship was useful in so many ways and I was able to develop contacts with Finnish researchers. It was a delight and a luxury to be able to work in quite a concentrated way, with only pleasant distractions (like invitations to lunch or seminars). The conditions were extremely conducive to being able to get on with doing productive work.” - Madeleine Reeves, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

“I especially appreciated the vibrancy and size of the community of Russia scholars.” - Andrei Tsygankov, Professor of Politics and International Relations, San Francisco State University 

We hope that our future Visiting Fellows will be at least as satisfied as the former ones have been!

Visiting Fellows alumni – support for short visits to Helsinki

We wish to encourage development of links between our former Visiting Fellows and our resident researchers. For this purpose, the Visiting Fellows Programme will support short visits of up to one week by Visiting Fellows alumni returning to the Aleksanteri Institute for conducting joint work with our researchers. The support covers all or part of the travel (up to 600€), accommodation in a small studio in the Töölö Towers plus daily allowance. These visits should have a concrete work plan for cooperation, and is intended for, e.g., working on a joint publication or research proposal. The Aleksanteri Institute can support max 9 such short visits per calendar year.

How and when to apply? Support for these short stays can be applied three times a year. In 2018, the deadlines for expressing an interest in such a visit are February 16, May 11, and August 31. For information on how to proceed, please contact Anna Korhonen

Please note that support for these short visits is intended only for former Visiting Fellows and Central Asia Visiting Fellows of the Visiting Fellows Programme.

Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Alumni in alphabetical order

Anceshci, Luca
Arkhipova, Alexandra
Artemyeva, Tatiana
Bacon, Edwin
Badyina, Anna
Balmaceda, Margarita
Best, Ulrich
Bogdanova, Elena
Bogumil, Zuzanna
Brandist, Craig
Bremer, Thomas
Burkhanov, Aziz
Busygina, Irina
Buzalka, Juraj
Bystrova, Irina
Closson, Stacy
Cook, Linda
Cox, Terry
Deak, Andras
Denisova-Schmidt, Elena
Dimitrov, Martin
Efremenko, Dmitry
Engel, Christine
Etkind, Alexander
Falk, Barbara
Fisun, Oleksandr
Gerasimov, Ilya
Gerlach, Julia
Ghodsee, Kristen
Glebov, Sergey
Goscilo, Helena
Graan, Andrew
Grødeland, Åse B.
Guth, Stefan
Harris, Jane
Hemment, Julie
Horák, Slavomír
Huang, Lifu
Ilic, Melanie
Johnson, Janet
Junes, Tom
Kaczmarski, Marcin
Kaiser, Robert
Kalinin, Ilya
Kinossian, Nadir
Kniazeva, Olga
Koch, Natalie
Krakovsky, Roman
Kravchenko, Volodomyr
Laruelle, Marlene
LeHuerou, Anne
Leichtova, Magdalena
Lyaponuva, Olga
Magnusdottir, Rosa
Maidansky, Andrey
Malinova, Olga
March, Luke
Maslovskiy, Mikhail
Mason, Arthur
Medvedev, Sergey
Merdjanova, Ina
Miazhevich, Galina
Mikeshin, Mikhail
Mitrofanova, Anastasia
Mjor, Kåre Johan
Moran, Dominique
Morris, Jeremy
Nadkarni, Maya
Navumau, Vasil
Nikiporets-Takigawa, Galina
Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena
Ochirova, Irina
Omelchenko, Elena
Osokina, Elena
Pape, Ulla
Paretskaya, Anna
Pinsky, Anatoly
Plets, Gertjan
Pullmann, Michal
Rat, Cristina
Read, Rosie
Reeves, Madeleine
Renz, Bettina
Rethmann, Petra
Roberts, Sean
Salaev, Nodirbek
Scherrer, Jutta
Segert, Dieter
Shevchenko, Olga
Shnirelman, Victor
Simons, Gregory
Smyth, Regina
Soboleva, Mayya
Sokhibov, Akmal
Sotsov, Andrei
Stegmann, Natali
Steila, Daniela
Stephenson, Svetlana
Stites, Richard
Strukov, Vlad
Suleymanova, Dilyara
Suslov, Mikhail
Tarasenko, Anna
Tchalakov, Ivan
Tesser, Lynn
Toepfl, Florian
Tolstaya, Katya
Torsello, Davide
Trubina, Elena
Tsygankov, Andrei
Urinboyev, Rustam
Utekhin, Ilya
Walker, Charles
Watson, Peggy
Vazquez Linan, Miguel
Vittuari, Matteo
Worobec, Christine
Yurchak, Alexei
Zabyelina, Julia

Zdravomyslova, Elena
Zhuravlev, Sergey