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Visiting Fellows 2017–2018

Anna Temkina, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia
“Women as Mothers, Consumers, Citizens and Patients: Childbirth Care in St. Petersburg” (1–31 December 2017)

Anna Temkina received her Ph.D. in social sciences from the University of Helsinki in 1997, and she is Chair in Public Health and Gender and co-director of the Gender Programme at the European University at St. Petersburg. Her interest in gender studies and feminism began in the 1990s, and now her areas of expertise include gender, reproductive health, sexuality, feminist theory and gender relations in Soviet and Post-Soviet societies. She is the author of Women’s Sexual Life: Between Freedom and Subordination (2008; in Russian), Russia in transition (1997; in English). She is the author and co-editor of In Search of Sexuality (2002), New Byt: Gender Studies of Everyday Life (2009), Health and Trust: Gender Approach to Reproductive Medicine (2009), Health and Intimate Life (2011) and 12 Lectures in Gender Sociology (2015; in Russian).

Short description of ongoing research:
My recent project is oriented towards an analysis of the childbirth practices and models of motherhood of urban Russian women. The goal is to grasp the organisation of childbirth as an intersectional model of citizenship, motherhood, patienthood and class. Basing my research on a qualitative methodology, I study how women make their choices, construct trust and negotiate medical encounters in different institutional settings. The practices of choice expand the spaces of opportunity of young Russian women but also face institutional barriers, and these practices are stratified by class. The topic is related and informs on family policy and the restructuring of welfare service provision. 

Practices of choice work as a mechanism of class boundary construction in the sphere of life and family planning. This dimension is the focus of my research. I am interested in the organisation and social and emotional outcomes of childbirth for different groups of women. I am trying to understand how active women from different social  groups organise  their pregnancy, motherhood and  childcare; make choices, negotiate trust and organise better medical services; interact with doctors and midwives; negotiate their conditions, medical interventions, and husbands’ participation during delivery.  I propose that if and when women do not succeed in achieving their goals, they became more active as demanding patients and citizens.

Email: atemkina[AT]
Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Meri Kulmala, Anna Klimova