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Visiting Fellows 2017–2018

Yuriy Matsiyevsky, National University of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine
“Revolutionary Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes: the Case of Ukraine”
(22 October – 23 December 2017)

Yuriy Matsiyevsky is Associate Professor of Political Science and the head of the Center for Political Research at Ostroh Academy National University (Ukraine). He received his doctoral degree in political science from Lviv University (Ukraine) and habilitation from the Ivan Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Matsiyevsky has held several research fellowships, including a Fulbright award at Kennan Institute, Washington, DC, a Think Visegrad fellowship at the Center for Eastern Studies, Warsaw and a Carnegie Corporation fellowship at UC, Berkeley. Since 2014, he has been a member of the PONARS Eurasia policy network. He is the author of Trapped in Hybridity: Zigzags of Ukraine’s Political Regime Transformations (Chernivtsi, 2016) and contributor to six collective monographs, published in Ukraine and Poland. His papers have appeared in Russian Politics and Law, Political Studies, Crossroads Digest, Nowa Ukraina, Krytyka, Politeja and Wschod Europy. His research interests are focused on democratisation, informal institutions and regime dynamics in comparative perspective.

Short description of ongoing research:
Do the three years that have passed since the victory of the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine give enough time to ask: has the Ukraine’s political regime changed? This empirical question can be translated into a broader, theoretical one; namely, why a revolution caused a change of regime in some polities, but not in others. Despite the growing body of research on the stability and change of hybrid regimes, the question of revolutionary outcomes in hybrid regimes is yet to be studied systematically.

This project seeks to contribute to these discussions in both directions. Empirically, it seeks to assess the changes in the dimensions of core regimes, while theoretically it brings the Ukrainian case to a broader debate on the factors behind the endurance of hybrid regimes.
The primary result of this project will be a research article, although its broader intention is a book on Ukraine’s regime dynamics since the 2014 revolution. In particular, while at the Aleksanteri, I am going to test the argument that Ukraine’s hybridity is not a transitory phenomenon, but one that can be described as a complex institutional trap. If this argument holds true, it could challenge the ‘regime change’ paradigm by offering a new insight into revolutionary outcomes in hybrid regimes.

Email: yurii.matsiievskyi[AT]
Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Vladimir Gel’man, Markku Kangaspuro