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Visiting Fellows 2016-2017

Rustam Urinboyev, Lund University, Sweden
“Migration and Legal Culture in Russia: Central Asian Migrant Workers’ Everyday Experiences of Law in Moscow”
(September – October 2016)

Rustam Urinboyev is a postdoctoral research fellow at Lund University in Sweden. Rustam has a PhD in sociology of law (2013) from Lund University. His main research interests focus on state-society relations, pre-Soviet (Islamic) traditional governance structures in Central Asia, corruption and legal pluralism, law and society in Central Asia, and migration governance in Russia. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in post-Soviet Uzbekistan where his doctoral thesis examined the interlinkages between traditional governance structures and political stability.

Short description of ongoing research:
Rustam’s research focuses on the everyday life and socio-legal integration of Central Asian migrant workers in Moscow, Russia, specifically investigating how migrants negotiate and maneuver around Russian legal system (e.g. police, immigration officials, border guards) and informal structures (e.g. intermediaries, protection rackets). He is currently developing a new research project on protection rackets, "street life” and informal justice in Moscow, Russia. During his research stay at the Institute, Rustam will begin work on a book project entitled Migration and Legal Culture in Russia: Central Asian Migrant Workers’ Everyday Experiences of Law in Moscow that will be based on the ethnographic material he collected in Moscow and Fergana (Uzbekistan) during 2014-2015.

Email: rustamjon.urinboyev[AT]

Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Anna-Liisa Heusala, Kaarina Aitamurto