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Visiting Fellows 2016-2017

Galina Miazhevich, University of Leicester, UK
“Hierarchy of Intolerance: Populist “Othering” in the post-Soviet Mediascape”
(March - April 2017)

I joined the department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester as a Lecturer in January 2013. Previously I was the Gorbachev Media Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK (2008-2012) and before that a Research Associate on an AHRC-funded project led by Professor Stephen Hutchings at the University of Manchester, UK (2006-2008). I convened the Gorbachev Lectures on Press Freedom held at Christ Church, University of Oxford in 2011. I worked on several projects dealing with media representations of Islam as security threat; multiculturalism in Europe; democracy in post-communist Europe; gender, media and emergent forms of post-Soviet identity and nation branding of post-Soviet states. I have extensively published in peer-reviewed journals and co-authored several monographs. My articles reflect my multidisciplinary background, bridging cultural, development and media studies.

Short description of ongoing research:
This research project was conceived during my employment at the University of Oxford where I was Gorbachev Media Research Fellow (2008-2012). It was at that time when I have identified a marked disjunction between the hollow, official post-Soviet media discourse of racial tolerance and the alarming growth in xenophobic extremism at the local level which it masks. I wrote an article in Televisions and New Media using the case of Pozner’s talk show Vremena highlighting how these inter-ethnic tensions are mediated on Russian television (2011). Being originally from Belarus, I decided to use Belarus as a case study for my research inquiry into the issue of post-Soviet populist extremism. I stress the still unrecognised encounter of popular xenophobia and state rhetoric as a key to repositioning ‘Belarusianness’ at the core of the post-Soviet experience. The idea of this book is to combine my knowledge of Belarusian socio-cultural context with the expertise in media coverage of inter-ethnic cohesion issues and post-Soviet nation building. The fieldwork data (interviews with media practitioners) and the ongoing media monitoring will form the basis of the book, which I intend to write up as a monograph during my fellowship at the Aleksanteri Institute in spring 2017.

Email: gm223[AT]
Academic hosts at the Aleksanteri Institute: Katja Lehtisaari, Jussi Lassila