Cities and Transnational Interaction. The Cultural Contacts between West and East European Urban Centres during and beyond the Cold War

Project leader: Marjatta Hietala, PhD, Prof., marjatta.hietala [at]

Funding: Academy of Finland, Duration: 01.01.2010–31.12.2013

Competition in Socialist Society

Project leader: Katalin Miklóssy, PhD, katalin.miklossy [at]

Funding: Academy of Finland, Duration: 01.01.2010–31.12.2013

Neutral countries and the Western export control policies during the Cold War

Project leader: Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki

This project examines the efforts of the United States and the United Kingdom to ensure that the non-communist neutral and small countries of Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Finland) would not become ‘loopholes’ undermining Western efforts to prevent the flow of strategic materials and technology to the communist countries. In particular, the project will focus on the case of Finland, which played an important role in the East-West trade. Most Finnish exports were directed to Western markets, but Finland also traded extensively with the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. At times during the 1950s and 1960s, the small country was in fact the Soviet Union’s most important non-communist trading partner. Later, it became an important source of high technology for the Soviets.

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Knowledge through the Iron Curtain. Transferring Knowledge and Technology in Cold War Europe

Project leader: Sari Autio-Sarasmo, PhD, sari.autio-sarasmo [at]

Funding: Academy of Finland, Duration: 01.01.2007–31.12.2009

Cities and Transnational Interaction


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