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Sari Autio-Sarasmo

Katalin Miklóssy

In January 2010, a new form of cooperation started amongst Cold War researchers at the Aleksanteri Institute. The newly established Cold War Research Group originated from the former KIC project (led by Sari Autio-Sarasmo) and the new project on Competition in Socialist Society. Sari Autio-Sarasmo and Katalin Miklossy are also in charge of the operation of the new research consortium. The Cold War Research Group is situated in the Aleksanteri Institute and hosts national and international projects in Cold War studies as well as individual researchers in the field.

The main aim of the Research Group is to become an international centre for researchers who are interested in elaborating the new paradigm of multi-level and multi-polar Cold War interaction. The Cold War Research Group intends to generate new research projects and activities and facilitate funding for new research. The research group has also created a new series of publications (the Kikimora Cold War research series) to provide a common arena for the results of the joint research project.


Cities and transnational interaction


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