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Irina Yakovleva (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

Healthy Russia: Where to Find the Inspiration?

Health of the people is one of the aspects in the new development strategy of Russia until 2030 that reflects the global trends. The importance of healthy lifestyle promotion and preventive medicine are proved to have been chosen as the ground for the health care system as well as the necessity in terms of demography. While it takes considerable time to form the new patterns of behavior, the recent initiatives undertaken let analyze and predict the possible outcomes. The approaches and understanding of motivation and implementation are quite diverse ranging from the Digital Age technical opportunities to the inspiration in the Soviet-times formulae. The latter includes the ‘Ready to Work and Defense the USSR’ (GTO) that is the physical education system requirements for the people of almost all age. The motivation system is based on the benefits, such as additional points to the final rate of the University entering exams score. At the same time the additional requirements to the quality of the health care professionals intensifies the importance of patients reviews of their experiences. The state of health care illiteracy makes this criterion quite contradictory. The paper suggests the analysis of the obstacles to the healthy lifestyle promotion in the modern Russia.