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Nina Trubnikova (RUDN University, Moscow, Russia)

Crises in the Sphere of Communications in Russia: Technological Bases and Perspectives

The main purpose of the research is revealing interrelation between the state of the crisis afflicting the media market in Russia and the technological restructuring of modern marketing communications bringing about revolutionary changes in the system of advertising media, audience engaging and context presentation. The current crisis of communicational industry in Russia is not only an echo of a global economic thunder. It is a parallel, comparatively independent process of industrial paradigms being replaced with postindustrial ones, which is changing yesterday’s ideas of strategies, instruments and management of modern communications. The research studies the influence of the three Russian economy crises of the last decades on the state and development of the marketing communications. The method of comparative analysis allows to reveal consistent patterns of the course of a crisis and explore ways out of it taking into consideration the push and pull technological and managerial factors. The author consistently develops the idea of communicational crises being interrelated with the revolution in the technological bases. The research consecutively demonstrates how communicational crises bring on transformations of technological bases and trigger a switch to a new type of digital communications, revolutionizing the traditional foundations of the sphere. Although, the modern media market crisis has, according to the basic indicators, been chiefly overcome and positive development demonstrated, the situation still remains unstable and requires consistent monitoring and analysis. The problem is not only of Russian domestic but global relevance in connection with the powerful impact the economic situation in Russia has on the economy and politics around the world. Crisis demands effective solutions and weeds out unprofitable commercial communications. The research can be used as a basis for formulating recommendations regarding the development of the media-advertising sphere on the macro level as well as on the scale of a single enterprise.