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Inessa Tarusina (The North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia)

Self-Government in Russia: Institutions, Decision Making Process and Development Scenarios

The current state of local self-government in Russia and the prospects of its reform cause a wide scientific debate. The problems of development of LSGs are devoted to the work of I.V. Mersiyanova, R.M. Vulfovich, S.V. Voblenko, P.S. Lozhnikova, E.A. Zamozhny, V.Ya. Gelman, S. Ryzhenkov, E.V. Belokurovoy, N. Borisova, T.L. Barandovoy, and many other authors. However, these issues about the prospects of LSG development and the specifics of the decision-making process at this level are still shaping the agenda. The paper is based on a study that has been conducted since 2014 at Dept. CPS of NWIM RANEPA. It touches on the issues of governance, as well as the interaction of LSG-bodies and citizens at the local level. The research is based on a neo-institutional approach. What are the main institutions, the rules of the game, which influence the formation of LSG in Russia? What is the impact of the past of legislation? How is the decision-making process organized at the local level? The stages of transformation of the LSGs in Russia are linked with changes in the "rules of the game", the constellation of the main actors and the strategies for their interaction. Particular attention is paid to LSGs in St. Petersburg: its institutional (including legislative) design, the features of formation and development. The collected data allow us to consider the circle of actors of the "municipal" policy in interaction and determine the nature of such relations. Why are some or other actors more active, influential in such interactions and in decision making? These issues are considered on the basis of an integrated methodology, including analysis of documents, media publications, interviews, social mapping, etc. The report presents possible scenarios for further transformation of LSG-bodies and factors that may influence this process.