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Anna Sanina, Evgeniia Kutergina, Anton Ermak and Sergey Kozyrev (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The Myth of "One and Only" Ideology: Patriotic Consumption and Public Governance Alternatives in Contemporary Russia

In 2014, a number of EU countries, the United States and their allies, imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the annexation of the Crimea and the conflict in the east of Ukraine. In response, the government of the Russian Federation imposed a food embargo. The task of reducing the share of imports and expanding exports was given the status of national security. The authorities stimulated demand for domestic products by promoting the “patriotic consumption” and cultivating the idea of the country’s food independence. For the successful implementation of the policy of import substitution, the Government resorted to the using ideological pressure on the people's’ consumption behavior. However, the effectiveness of such policy tool is controversial. This study is devoted to the exploration of the most effective policy tools in promoting the citizens’ patriotic consumption. The hypothesis of the study is that for different social groups different policy tools will be successful for promotion of the patriotic consumption. This research project focuses on three policy tools: ideological pressure, rational explanation and nudging. We try to answer the following research questions: (1) Which tool is generally more successful in shaping people’s behavior? (2) Which tool of governance is more successful for different social groups? The methodology of this study includes several steps. The first step is the development of three questionnaire forms pertaining three policy tools. Each questionnaire form consists from two sequential parts: description of the policy tool and list of products that respondents should choose. The second step is the survey of different groups of people. The sample of the pilot study includes students, employed population, and retired people (n=1000). Chi-square analysis is the main statistical technique to find out the association between different policy tools and patriotic consumption.