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Nikolay Rudenko (European University at Saint Petersburg / Sociological institute of Russian Academy of Science, Russia)

Russian Software: Discourses and Practices of Nationalisation of IT

Since the first January of 2016 Russian Government began to create Russian software registry, that should become the only sectioned list of the developers who will have a capacity to sell their IT products to the municipal and federal agencies. The reasons for such initiative are manifold: the long for safety in economic and technological ways, the wish to promote and protect Russian business from the State point of view, as well as professional lobby from the Russian IT industry. However, the creation of Russian software registry faced with a lot of problems: lack of certainty of who should be attested as Russian developer, the ambiguity of how the Russian IT industry should be protected, the changing relations between the Government and IT industry. It seems that while the State and some part of IT community make an attempt to create an image of the unity in why Russia need to create the notions of Russian developer and Russian software, one can find a lot of controversies in how these notions are created and managed. In the speech, I would like to present the results of the research on the creation of Russian software registry, based on the analysis of law, policy documents, and mass media regarding this Governmental initiative.