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Carolina Vendil Pallin (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden)

Russia's View on Information Security: Internal and External Dimensions

The paper aims to bring together the external and internal dimensions of Russia’s view on information security. From Russian security policy documents, most importantly the Doctrine on Information Security (2016), it is clear that Moscow believes that attempts are made to undermine Russia’s position in the world but also its political system and societal security through information measures. One part of the paper will therefore explore the agencies responsible for controlling the Internet and look at how control measures for the Internet are developed domestically – especially during the presidential elections in 2017–2018. The analysis will cover practical measures as well as the arguments in favour of more control. The second section with look closer at Russia’s view on information security in an international context, the external dimension, and then especially analyse Russia’s proposal for a binding convention on international information security. In many ways, this proposal ties in with a “Huntingtonian” or civilizational arguments for curbing freedom of speech (Timohty Garton Ash. 2016. Free Speech). Both the internal and the external dimensions of Russia’s view on information security promotes the idea of national sovereignty in the information sphere and Russia is gradually working towards nationalizing the RuNet.