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Anna Nemirovskaya and Valentin Nemirovskiy (Tyumen State University, Russia)

PC and Internet Usage Among Russian Youth as Competitiveness Factor in Modern Economic Conditions

Competition and rivalry are natural manifestations of human activity, a universal principle for achieving results in any social activity. With the development of the information society, competition-drivenness and competitiveness acquire new significance for assessing the potential, competencies, and abilities of young people in the modern labor market. The “Strategy 2030” aims to build in Russia a socio-technological and economic mainstay of the 21st century, marked by the economy of intellect, knowledge and innovation, instead of the economy of raw materials, industrial industry and consumer services, that challenges the development of human capital and the competitiveness of the labor force in the country. According to the last wave of the World Values Survey data, only 71% of youth group (people aged 15-24, corresponding to the UN classification) in all-country sample frequently use PC in Russia, that is lower than that of developed European countries, such as Germany, Sweden, but even a number of post-communist countries (Belarus, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and others). The same discrepancy is observed in the daily use of the Intenet, e-mail and even mobile phone as sources of information. Such digital divide occurs not only on cross-country level, but also within Russia, between different social classes, defined by income, eductional and professional scales, and places of residence. The regression analysis showed that mainly the nature of tasks at working place, size of town or type of settlement, level of income, level of education and least of all age explain the degree of PC and Internet use among youth in Russia. Based on the data of sociological polls, the study looks at the consumption of information from different sources, mainly PC and Internet usage as a factor for developing social competencies and value orientations, essential for competitiveness in the modern world, in different social groups in Russia. The research is conducted with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the framework of competitive selection of scientific projects of the state task carried out by the research teams of research centers and scientific laboratories. The project by Tyumen State University “Formation of Competition-drivenness and Competitiveness Among Russian Youth in the Context of Modern Socio-cultural Dynamics” No. 28.2941.2017.