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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Roundtable: Russian Military Capability – Challenges and Prospects

Chair: Tuomas Forsberg (University of Tampere, Finland)
Gudrun Persson
(Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden):Russian Military Thinking on Future War
Bettina Renz (University of Nottingham, UK): The Russian ‘Force Structures’ and Military Capabilities
Margarete Klein (German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Germany): Russia´s Military Capabilities in the Post-Soviet Space
Hanna Smith (Hybrid CoE / University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute, Finland): Russia's Use of Military and Foreign Policy

In recent years, Russia has annexed the Crimean Peninsula and launched a military aggression towards the east of Ukraine. Furthermore, Russia has started a military operation in Syria, the first out-of-area operation since the Soviet Union disintegrated. This development caught the West to a large degree by surprise, but has since attracted a growing interest in Russian military capability. Russia’s aggressive international actions over recent years speak of a considerable military capability. Or do they? The roundtable will discuss the topic “Russian Military Capability – challenges and prospects” from several different aspects – with a view on the title of the conference “Russia’s choices for 2030.” It is an interdisciplinary roundtable. How will Russian military capability develop over the next decades? What are the driving forces? What is the current state of Russian military thinking about future war? What will be the crucial aspects of this development? – to mention but a few of the most pressing issues.