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Anastasia A. Maksim (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)

Mass Media and Its Role in Foreign Policy of the Country

International relationships is a point of special interest of mass media. First, journalists give us information about current situation in the world. Second, they present position of state government on foreign affairs. Furthermore, journalists let us know about life and traditions in different countries. Ideally, journalism should give objective picture of the world. But nowadays media become an instrument of politic in international relationships. We can clearly see how differently journalists show the same events in different countries. Official position of the government affects on work of journalists a lot. We can even see, that media become an area for sharing statements between official structures of different countries. When national media report, for example, position of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is not only to inform nation of this country. Politicians are interested in publicity to share their position with wide number of recipients. Also journalists report in their articles stereotypes, traditions and national position on international relationships from the point of view of common people. It seems, that it is natural for journalism to share values of their country. Usually they more or less coincides with the official position. The only reason for media to argue state foreign policy is situation, which affects on safety of people and social stability, such as participation of citizens in hostilities. Journalism exists in complicated relations with other actors of political system. But media should not directly participate in international relations. Journalists should be able to navigate in history of relations between countries and in current situation. Then they will be able to provide the society with all the necessary information for decision-making, support or criticism of the government. The media should understand their responsibility when they choose which information to give for the audience.