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Elena Kapustkina, Olga Nikiforova and Viktoria Dudina (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)

Creative Industries as an Example of Intersection of Culture and Economy

St. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia (4th in Europe) with total population over 5 million inhabitants and is extremely important industrial, commercial, scientific and cultural national center. At the same time St. Petersburg has some economic and social problems (underdeveloped infrastructure, old technology based on industrial enterprises number, low population life expectancy, etc.). In order to solve shown above different problems the city Government has designed the socio-economic development strategy up to 2030. The strategy general objective is to ensure citizens stable life, quality and increase St. Petersburg global competitiveness based on the national development priorities implementation, sustainable economic growth and use of innovation and technology activities. Present socio-economic life features highlight the cultural resources and creativity as one of the modern, post-industrial economy development factor. Creative approach gives an opportunity to find new and unique solutions in a rapidly changing of economic world. Therefore, creative industries (CI) development provides a significant competitive advantage to the St. Petersburg economy. CI sectors are the following: music, visual arts, cinema, performing arts, gallery business, fashion industry, publishing, advertising, design, architecture, Internet and computer technology, cultural tourism. So the majority of CI sectors belong to cultural sphere. St. Petersburg has a large, but still not sufficiently realized CI potential. Meanwhile, the ones could become an important element of the urban economy and social well-being factor in the city. The high degree CI development with significant share of gross regional product (GRP) in today’s world is the most successful cities and regions integral feature. Currently CI produces only 7% of St. Petersburg GRP. It means that this kind of industries has great potential future development.