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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Russian Foreign Policy Decision-Making

Chair: Anke Schmidt-Felzmann (Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sweden)
Discussant: Evgeny Treshchenkov (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)
Christer Pursiainen (Arctic University of Norway, Norway) and Tuomas Forsberg (University of Tampere, Finland): Russia’s Crisis Decision-Making
Elias Götz (Uppsala University, Sweden): Putin, the State, and War: The Causes of Russia’s Near Abroad Assertion Revisited
Jyri Lavikainen (University of Helsinki, Finland): The Operational Code of Vladimir Putin. Challenges and Opportunities of Quantitative Foreign Policy Analysis
Miglena Dikova-Milanova
(Ghent University, Belgium): The Role of Russia in Shaping Contemporary History: On Valdai Papers’ Interpretation of “Order” and “Disorder”

This panel deals with Russian foreign policy decision-making from a broad perspective. It discusses the possibility and benefits of applying psychological theories related to belief systems to explain Russian foreign policy, it analysis Russia’s decision making in various crisis including the Ukraine crisis and the case of Crimea. 
The panel also deals with discursive aspects of foreign policy focusing on views of international order.