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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Russian Cultural Statecraft I: Religion, Education, and Social Media

Chair: Hanna Smith (Hybrid CoE / Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland)
Discussant: Graeme Herd (George C. Marshall Center, Germany)
Greg Simons (Uppsala University, Sweden): Moscow Patriarchate: A Kremlin Tool or Independent Instrument of Soft Power?
Dmitry Yagodin (University of Tampere, Finland): The Social Media Networks of Russia's Cultural Statecraft
Sirke Mäkinen (University of Tampere, Finland): Russia's Educational Diplomacy and Its Reception

This panel is the first in the series that looks at Russia’s cultural statecraft in its foreign policy and relations with other nations, particularly with the west. “Cultural statecraft’ as a concept covers a lot of the same area as ‘soft power’ and it can be defined as top-down strategies to promote the country’s brand and image abroad via cultural means. The panel does not present an exhaustive analysis of cultural statecraft but focuses on education, religion and social media networks.