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Marcin Chełminiak and Wojciech Kotowicz (University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland)

Kaliningrad Region and the Eastern Dimension of Foreign Policy of Poland

International bipolar system was replaced by multipolar system with new centers of power after the disintegration of USSR. After the collapse of Soviet Union The Baltic Sea Region occupies a important place in the foreign policy of the Baltic Sea countries. One of the most important challenges for the Polish diplomacy after 1989 was development of economic and political relationships with the Baltic States and Russian Federation. It is important for Poland that in contacts with Russia and cross-border cooperation should be promoted, especially that with the Kaliningrad Region – the only area where both countries have a common border. Poland doesn’t have any claims to Kaliningrad Region. Polish government recognizes Russian rights to this territory. Most of Polish politics stress that significance reduction of Russian troops in Kaliningrad and even demilitarization of this region would be good move from a perspective of Polish national interest.