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Saniya Boyarkina (Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) and Gregory Boyarkin (North-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov, Russia)

Health Care System Problems and Workplace Related Communicable Disease Risks for Medical Workers

Health care system development is one of the strategic targets of civil society. It is focused on morbidity and mortality decreasing and increasing of medical worker`s economic status. We are surely confirm these aims realizing that health care system and health care workers (HCW) status is the necessary condition for strong human capital and society security in general. Furthermore we argue that medical work is challenging work and it is burden by wide specter of specifics. First of all we mean physical, mental and emotional overloads, psychological stress, and communicable disease contact. Tuberculosis is the most spread disease among HCW in Russia. It is regarded as an occupational risk for health care workers (Edine W. Tiemersma, Nguyen Thien Huong, Pham Hoang Yen, 2016) over the world, especially in low and middle income countries. The HCW have been shown to have a higher risk of active TB than the general population in multiple studies (Joshi R, Reingold AL, Menzies D, 2006; Baussano I., Nunn P., Williams B., 2011, etc. ). That is clear enough to settle – a necessary risk factor for TB infection is contact with a person with active disease. People living or working in environments where TB prevalence is particularly high are obviously at high risk of infection, for example prison staff and inmates (Bobrik et al., 2005) and certain health care workers (Menzies J., 2007). The risk of exposure is also determined by the physical environment in which the contact takes place, including aspects of crowding, air flow and humidity (Rieder, 1999). So, it is clear that TB is multiple-determined disease and social, economic and environmental drivers are important. That’s why social, economic and environmental specifics of health care working should be issued to understand how health care system problems and workplace related risks affect to HCW well-being.