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Susanna Hast (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland)

In Musical Dialogue with War, Embodiment and Chechnya
Venue: Small Hall, University of Helsinki Main Building, 4th flloor, Fabianinkatu 33
Time: 26 October 2016 at 17:15

In this panel, no papers will be presented, no talks given, or arguments posed. Instead, it is about melody, rhythm and emotion. Susanna Hast, a post doctoral researcher in International Relations, offers her songs on war in Chechnya to be heard and felt with a live band consisting of Timo Rehtonen (co-composing, guitar), Jarmo Saitajoki (double bass), Hannu Mikkola (tenor saxophone) and Sami Enbuska (cajon).

The performance celebrates the art-based method to science. A negotiation between space and form takes place on stage when musical expression enters the scholarly world. New ways of being an academic are being forged.

The performance does not ask the viewers to insert themselves into the world of war; it simply asks for their time and presence. The songs have been created in the process of science making and the researcher's heart breaking. They are meant to be a dialogue on – not a representation of – war as lived experienced. These war experiences have been collected from written testimonials and films on Chechnya. And the songs; they are not meant to display the horrors of war, but the beauty of life. They are meant to connect lives.

Duration, approx. 1 hour.

Free entrance. No pre-registration needed.