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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Alexander Smoljanski (Integrum World Wide)

Reflection of Russian-Ukrainian Conflict in Mass Media and Social Networks of Russia and Ukraine

The major topics discussed in the paper are the following:

1. Information war, propaganda and counter-propaganda in relation to Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The problems with an access to reliable information. 2. The coverage of the conflict in Russian mass media: history, current situation and trends. 3. Information, disinformation manipulation of information in social networks. Trolling and bots. 4. Information space before and after Crimea's re-unification with Russia: preliminary results as seen in social networks. 5. Problems with nomination - the replacement of neutral nominations by ideologically motivated labels: ukropy, vatniki, banderovtsy, fascists, ukrofascists, boeviki (gunmen), zelenye chelovechki, vezhlivye liudi (polite people), terrorists, siloviki, karateli (punishers), khunta, opolchentsy, brat'a- slaviane, patriots, etc. 6. Discussion of Western interference in Ukrainian conflict. 7. The usage of prepositions в/на with toponym Ukraine в Украине/на Украине as manifestaion of political inclination of the user. 8. The relative importance of four Crimea related topics in mass media and social networks – military units (polite people), situation with Russians, situation with Tatars, re-unification of Crimea with Russia. 9. The relative importance of four Crimea related topics in mass media and social networks in various regions and federal disctricts of Russia 10. The Crimea related comments of young males from Tatarstan in social networks compared with the comments of all Russian bloggers 11. The distribution of usage of various social networks (Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook etc) in discussions on various topics related to Crimea. 12. The discussion of the concept of Novorossia in social networks. 13. Transfer of complaints on authority and migrant workers to to new objects related to Ukraine 14. Activization of archaic feelings such as blood, territory, IFF (identification friend or foe)