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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Katja Ruutu (European University at St. Petersburg, Russia)

The Culture of Russian Statehood Concepts

The idea of the paper is to study the concepts which are at the core of what president Putin has called the "Russian idea." Those concepts are patriotism, collectivism, solidarity and derzhavnost' (the belief that Russia is always destined to be a strong state and great power), and gosudarstvennost, which essentially puts the state at the heart of everything. Thus, the paper studies the culture of the Russian statehood concepts and analyzes the reasons for the failure of Putin's regime to develop their polical model into level where the administrative concepts would have focused on more deep support of the real functioning society. At the same time, it strives to show what kind of societal meanings the state centred concepts have included and what are their interpretations and possible affects on societal change in Russia.