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Larisa Korganashvili (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Cultural Environment of International Business in Russia

The international business plays an important role in the economy of modern Russia, so its development is a highly topical issue. Post-Soviet transformation and opportunities for doing business in Russia caused the need to establish an adequate to market conditions international business environment, including taking into account its cultural characteristics. The culture is one of resources of development in modern economy and the neglect of its national features may lead to the collapse of the business. One of the most important conditions for the formation of the international business environment is the Russian civilizational factor. Russia is Eurasian country, which occupies the boundary position between Eastern and Western civilizations. It is the largest country in the world. Russian consumer market covers 144 million people and is therefore very attractive to many states. The existence of many ethnic groups and their cultural diversity leads to a difference in people's mentality, thinking, tastes, labor motivation, and etc. For this reason the Russian business culture and its business cultural environment is not homogeneous. This complicates the conduct of business in Russia. As a result of post-Soviet transformation in Russia has begun the process of changing cultural values. This causes the formation of the necessary value-motivational basis for the development of international business. The aim of this work is to study the impact of cultural factors on the effective functioning and development of international business in Russia. The paper analyzes the modern principles and problems of international business in Russia, describes the main cultural values and their importance for foreign businessmen, gives recommendations to address the identified problems. The methodological base of research employees following scientific methods: a systematic, comparative, induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, and others. Key words: international business, cultural environment, Russia, transformation, development.