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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Catriona Kelly

Catriona Kelly is Professor of Russian at the University of Oxford and one of the foremost cultural historians of modern Russia. She has published widely on Russian culture, especially of the Late Imperial and Soviet periods; her interests range from modernist poetry to the visual arts, women's writing and cultural history.

Russia and Europe: La Grande Désillusion

In the post-Soviet period, the term 'Europeanisation' has frequently been used as a generalised marker of approval. The gesticulation in the direction of the 'European' marked a pronounced shift from the characteristic cultural geographies of the Soviet era, in which 'Europe' hardly figured (partly because of the bipolar emphasis on 'Socialist' and 'capitalist' countries, and partly because of the ambivalent admiration for American values and achievements). Yet the recuperation of interest in the 'European' seldom reflected deep engagement with the 'European ideal' or the political and social realities of contemporary Western Europe - in part because the post-Soviet period has also been characterised by an energetic revival of interest in the culture of pre-revolutionary Russia, including the romantic nationalism of the late Imperial era, with its focus on the supposed stagnation of European culture. It is this set of contradictions, exacerbated by recent political events, that I propose to discuss in this presentation.


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