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Oleg Kharkhordin

Oleg Kharkhordin (PhD, Political Science, University of California at Berkeley) is Professor and Rector of the European University at St.Petersburg, Russia. Previously, he taught, among other places, in Harvard, Yale, and Sciences Po (Paris). He is a leading Russian scholar on modern political theory with a special emphasis on republicanism and its applications to Russian and international studies.

Is Russia Doomed to Creativity? Technology, Entrepreneurship and Society in Russia in Comparative Perspective

A group of researchers from the European University at St. Petersburg conducted in 2011-2013 perhaps the first major cross-cultural study in Russia in the last 25 years, comparing patterns of technological entrepreneurship in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kazan and St. Petersburg, on the one hand, and those in Korea, Taiwan and Finland, on the other. Fieldwork undertaken in all 4 countries has shown that Russian high tech entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from their peers in Asia and Europe by putting a marked emphasis on the value of creativity and inspiration, which frequently blocks the way for a successful commercialization of inventions and/or innovations. The talk will ponder whether this enchantment with "technological creativity," as the respondents called it, has specific Soviet roots and what are the possible ways to escape this predicament.

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