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Past Aleksanteri Conferences

Russia and the World - 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki, October 23-25, 2013

The 13th Aleksanteri Conference “Russia and the World” was held 23-25 October 2013. This time the attention of the annual international conference was laid on Russia’s foreign policy and Russia’s place in the international system. Russia has been, is and will be a significant player in world politics. It has intensive relations with its neighbours in the West, East, and South, today even the North plays a growing role in Russia’s foreign policy..

This year there were 40 different academic panels addressing questions from the effects of domestic politics on foreign policy, energy and environmental issues, strategic culture, different bilateral relations and regional cooperation to soft power concepts. On top of this five plenary sessions addressed Russia's place in the World, Russia-EU relations, Russia in international relations theory, 21st century security questions relating to Russia, as well as Russia's future. The 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference has attracted participants from 24 different countries including the USA, China and Japan.

The official partners of the 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference were Russian International Affairs Council, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Parliament of Finland, Ministry of Defence of Finland, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Russian Studies, City of Helsinki and University of Tampere.

The Aleksanteri Conference is an annual, multidisciplinary, international conference organised by the Aleksanteri Institute, the Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies, affiliated with the University of Helsinki. Aleksanteri Conferences have attracted broad interest among researchers and policy-makers in a wide variety of disciplines, both in Finland and abroad, interested in the development of post-socialist countries.