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Dmitry A. Danilov

Born in 1960. Graduated Moscow State University in 1982, from where holds Ph.D (economics) in 1987. Works as the Head of the Department for European Security Studies in the Institute of Europe, Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences. Previously (1982-1989) worked as senior researcher in the analytic cell of the MoD General Staff. Took part in preparation of analytical reports for state and governmental bodies of Russia and for international organisations. NATO scholarship granted within the NATO Democratic Institutions Fellowship Programme, NATO, 1991. Specialises in: European security issues, transatlantic relations, Russian foreign and security policy; peace-keeping and conflict prevention. Author of 150 scientific publications.

- Vice-President, Russian Association of European Studies (AES)
- Member of the Expert Council on International Affairs, the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
- Member of the Council, Russian Political Science Association
- Member of the Coordination Committee, Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Russia
- Member of the Expert Advisory Council, PIR-Center - Russian Center for Policy Studies
- Member of Editorial Board:
- Contemporary Europe. Social and Political Research Journal (Moscow)
- Revue Défense Nationale (Version russe)
- EU External Affairs Review (Prague)
- Invited professor: Moscow State University, Faculty of World Politics (special  course on European Security)
- Lecturer: NATO Winter Academy; International Summer Schools, Gelendzhik.

Recent publications:

 - Dmitry Danilov. The European Security System As Seen From Moscow / Studia Diplomatica, 2012, Vol. LXV-1, № 1. – pp. 17-31.
- Dmitry Danilov. The European Union in Search of Answers to the Challenges of the Arab Spring / Security Index. 2012. № 3–4 (102–103) – pp. 107-140.
- Dmitry Danilov. From Vancouver to Vladivostok: at the crossroads of common security space. MEiMO 2012. - № 12. –pp. 38-51.
-  Dmitry Danilov. Russia – EU: features the political dialogue / In: European Union in the XXI century: the test times (Ed. by O. Potemkina, N. Kaveshnikov, N. Kondratieva). – M.: Ves’ Mir, 2012.- pp. 519-548.
 - Dmitry Danilov. The European Security Treaty within the EU–USA-NATO Triangle/ Security Index. 2010. № 4.