muravyeva, marianna

Competing Genders: Domestic Homicide and Traditional Values in Russian Society

With recent outburst of Russian media over removal of 4 children by Finnish security services from a Russian mother because her husband spanked their oldest daughter, the issue of domestic violence once more became visible in the situation of conservative and gender mobilization in Russia. The present state of the carefully organized moral panic which calls for traditional values and protection of children raises a number of important questions elated to violence, discipline, tradition, order and the Russian past. This paper focuses on deconstructing such notions as 'traditional values' in connection with domestic homicide in 18th and 19th century Russia. Utilizing court cases and legal sources the paper suggests that domestic homicide functioned as a public marker of domestic violence in situations when transformation of "traditional values" resulted in moral panics called for their reassurance. The paper discusses statistics and level of domestic homicide in comparison with other counties during this period, forms and methods of killings, dynamics of violence within a household and punishment inflicted on perpetrators. 

Thursday 25 October 15:15-16:45 Panels V, Panel 13 Gender - Equality (Hall 8)