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Democracy: New Colonialism for Developing Country

The applications of economic system in developing countries which still aren’t good enough. The same thing happens too in political system. The people in the government are more concerned about their parties’ benefits than their own citizens’ benefits. Democracy is actually the dream of all people in the world. However, now democracy in developing countries is more like a form of colonialism because the government of developing countries will be interfered by those in industrialized or countries.   

Society has the biggest power in democracy. Instead, this power works like a boomerang in the developing countries because some of their human resources aren’t well-educated in case of their nation’s issues.

The role of media and the election which are independent, honest and fair are worsening the situation because the people who aren’t well educated can’t choose the right leader for them. Media is used by some parties to create good impressions, not only to win elections, but also to stir the society into a certain public opinion. In political region instead, a political competition happens between the governments who are in charge as the public representative, when all they have to do is prospering their citizens.

Developing countries which followed democracy system where economic organization and political parties are influenced by cultural values, political views and economic ideology of the society. Democracy will be a perfect system if followed by an industrialized country which has well-educated citizens to focus on their commonwealth. Nevertheless, for the developing countries, democracy is only an opening gate to a new form of colonialism the industrialized countries used to the developing countries for their benefits. They come through media groups in the government of developing countries. This caused the competitiveness of developing countries is low because they need to solve their countries’ issues.

Friday 26 October 09:00-11:00 Panels VII, Panel 19 Changing Values and the Idea of Democracy (Hall 8)