litvinova, tatiana

Regional Power Institutions of the North Caucasus and Federal Power of Russia: through Competition to Consensus

My paper is devoted to the Post-Soviet political struggle between regional and federal powers concerning the delegation authorities and competences in forming regional governmental institutions (presidency and parliamentary and electoral systems) of the North Caucasian republics: Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Dagestan, Adygea.

The analysis of Post-Soviet political process of the delegation authorities and competences in forming transformation in this region leads us to a conclusion that institutional changes in the North Caucasian republics keep within three stages:

• the First stage (1991-1996) was characterized by spontaneous change of "game rules" when new institutes had been organized in the struggle of competing elite for the power and legitimacy, thus political actors preferred power strategy;

• the Second stage (1997-1999) when institutional balance between the basic political subjects was established as a result of application of conciliation procedures and "auction" tactics;

• the Third stage (2000-2007) – the federal center had been entered institutional restrictions for regional elite and the general rules of the organization of republican executive and legislative authorities.

I have to mention that the governmental institutions in the North Caucasus could have some alternative ways of development. In particular, experience of the Chechen Republic has shown possibility of a dictatorial or theocratic mode.

The attained consensus between federal and regional powers can be explained with the economic and political dependence of the regional ruling elites on the subsidies from the federal Center.

Therefore we consider that important consequences of institutional changes in republics of the North Caucasus are: the preservation of secular character of the political power, preservation of republics in the territorial and a legal field of the Russian Federation, embedding of authorities of national republics in a nation-wide government system.

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