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Professor Workplace Satisfaction: A Factor of Motivation in Their Performance with Students

The purpose of this study is to understand and to explore the phenomenon of motivation in professor of Aleksander Xhuvani”in Elbasan, Albania. Job satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors, like the environment of the work, the relationship with colleagues and pupils, their salary, etc. Job satisfaction brings to the improvement of the work performance. In Albania had happened more changes that influenced on education of students. We know that the first actor in school that education and give knowledge for the future and example how do choose the problems is professor. In this article are shown the importance of motivation, the factors that help to gain the best of professors and to see this motivation in academic achievement of Albanian students. This study explores the effects that teacher efficacy, motivation has on the academic achievement of students. This study assessed also the differences and relationship between the level of professors s’ job satisfaction, motivation and their teaching performance in class and at students. The methodology used in this study is: 30 questionnaires applied to the professors of the university in the city of Elbasan. From the analysis of these instruments is shown that the efficacy satisfaction at work is a very important factor in the employees’ work which connects with the competition of their needs at work. My goal is to gain insights that can be used to better inform and educate students in this city about the importance of education, and to provide resources for educators that will result in strategies to better inform and educate them.

Keys words: Professor, Satisfaction, Motivation, Performance, University.

Friday 26 October 11.15-13:15 Panels VIII, Panel 21 Social Welfare and Well-Being: Problems and Challenges (Hall 8)