Karimova, faragat

System of Antimonopolistic Mechanisms in Governmental Institutions

In the field of competition policy functions and powers are defined by the law since 26.07.2006 "On Protection of Competition." exercise control and supervision over observance of legislation on competition in the commodity and financial markets, as well as compliance with the executive authorities, executive authorities of Uzbekistan and local government anti-trust laws. It also performs supervision over the activities of natural monopolies, this work is aimed at ensuring equal access to goods and services they produce, as well as the development of competition in those segments where it is possible. The Antimonopoly Service is committed to improving the transparency of natural monopolies, increase the efficiency of their investment programs, while creating conditions for the growth of goods and services produced by independent suppliers in the potentially competitive activities. Its work is closely coordinated CO Tariff Service.

Wednesday 24 October 14:30-16:30 Panels I, Panel 2 Regulation, Education and Economic Competition (Hall 14)