kapustkina, elena

Competition of a Form of Rehabilitation for Handicapped People

Participation in sportive competitions can be considered as a form of rehabilitation and adaptation for the people with health problems. In some cases it's only one possibility for handicapped people to show everybody their capacities. In order to make it public wellknown Par (Parallel to "normal" Olympic Games) Olympic Games were founded.

Among handicapped people there is a special group - hearing impaired people. Most of them are able to work and would like to compete for appropriate working places with so called "normal people". But during the process of employment deaf people faced a lot of problems on contemporary Russian labour market. That's why the possibilities to get good job for them are quite limited. Deaf people consider this situation as a stigmatization. Some of them started up the criminal carriers. One can explain the situation using the G. Backer's approach. Another group of deaf people is participating in sportive events. Deaf Olympic Games was founded in the year 1924 independently of "normal "Olympic Games. For deaf people sport became a kind of job because some of most successful among thregional administration. More over only deaf athletes are able to compete with "healthy" athletes. It's the best way for rehabilitation of handicapped people and adaptation to "normal" world. Some of them have even took part in "normal" Olympic Games.

Russia as well as Ukraine still makes very strong state support of handicapped sport. It's the result of police in sphere of sport during Soviet time. As far as I know in majority of European countries all kinds of sportive activities of handicapped people are financed by themselves. Due to state police handicapped athletes from the USSR so successfully participated in Paralympics and Deaf Olympics. One can see also a positive trend in handicapped sport during last 20 years, namely, much more active informing of successes of handicapped athletes by mass media to citizens of Russia.

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